WENTWORTH - Pop Artist

Wentworth is a 25 year old emerging male pop artist based in Melbourne, Australia but frequents Los Angeles.

Wentworth has felt like an outsider his whole life and so dresses up and makes fun pop music to show others it's okay to be their complete authentic self and enjoy it.


You can hear Wentworth’s new single ‘WIGGLE WIGGLE BOOM’ on all streaming services.

‘WIGGLE WIGGLE BOOM’ is a single off his debut EP ‘POP GENIUS’ which is also available to stream now.

  • ARIA Awards Red Carpet 2022

    Wentworth made a shocking appearance at the 2022 ARIA awards red carpet. Read all about it here.

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  • Extended Bio

    Wentworth has been up to a lot, working across Melbourne and Los Angeles in the pop music scene. Read the extended bio here.

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  • Music and videos

    Hear and see more of Wentworth's material.

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